So, your clutch is slipping. DV Automotive and Metro Brake and Clutch are your Melbourne clutch repair specialist. We have outlined below, just a little bit of the process that’s involved when working with clutches so that it puts you in a great position to understand what you are paying for:

Well, first of all, will be the cost of the replacement parts which we clearly itemise on your invoice.

REAR-WHEEL DRIVES: the transmission is removed so that the clutch parts and flywheel can be accessed
FRONT-WHEEL DRIVES: the trans-axle and part of the suspension need to be moved


A clutch replacement will involve a new cover assembly (including the pressure plate), clutch disc and release bearings. We also take the opportunity whilst this section is ‘opened up’ to check the “pilot bearing” or “bush”. We also check your transmission and linkages at that point, as well and make sure that everything is in safe working condition.

We will check and resurface or machine your flywheel. Should there be cracks or grooves that cannot be machined out we will let you know to give you the opportunity to decide if you’d like the flywheel replaced, at that point, as well.

DURING ASSEMBLY OF THE NEW CLUTCH flywheel must be completely without any traces of oil or grease. The clutch must be aligned with precision and in reference to the gearbox. Any compromise in any of these processes will affect the life of your new clutch – this is why you should always contact your clutch specialists.