Now you can have your slow puncture repaired when you bring your car to DV Automotive, your car repairs garage in Greensborough. We are all about bringing convenience and safety to our clientele by providing you with as many services as possible for your car care.


Benefit from longer life in your tyres (particularly cambered wheel cars like BMW), by not just rotating front to back and right to left, but also bringing the inside edge of the rubber to the outside and vice versa – (which means swapping the left side tyres onto the right side rim etc. and maintaining the tyre rotation direction). In many cases, you can almost double the mileage that you would normally have by doing this.

Sharp pot-holes or hitting a kerb or round-about can unbalance your rims and even sometimes cut or create a lump in your tyre. This is very dangerous and unless you thoroughly check, you will not notice. The danger  is that it can pop at any time – downhill, mid-corner, in the wet or dry etc. When DV Automotive now notice tyre damage, we can do all the tyre repairs and replacements in-house. Your rims can also be balanced at the same time to remove that shake/vibration that you feel in your steering wheel (front wheel unbalanced) or through your seat (rear wheel unbalanced).

If you have a preferred tyre brand in mind that you like to stick to, DV Automotive will order it for you before you even arrive, making the process a lot faster. Let us know when you make your booking the tyre size, the rim size and the tyre profile and your preferred brand and model and we will do the rest.